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What we do...

Whether you're a small business looking to take control of your processes or get more value out of your existing systems, an enterprise in need of experienced hands, or local developers with more on your plate than you can handle, Little Wing can help.

Who we are...

Little Wing is a tidy team of software developers serving Central Arkansas. We've all got deep roots in the area and understand the needs and concerns of local business. With over a decade together as a team, we can bring a cohesion and multidisciplined approach to meeting your development needs that few shops can offer.

For more information please contact us at info@little-wing.com or if you prefer, please call us anytime at (501) 436-9515.


Custom Programming

Custom Programming

If you currently have a mess of Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, and other disparate systems and databases, we can help you bind it all together into a smoothly functioning whole. We can take whatever system you're using and make it better by tailoring it to your specific needs and requirements.

App Development

Application Development

We have deep experience developing native Windows applications using Visual Basic, Delphi, C#, WinForms, C++, Flash, Telerik, Java, WPF, and MVVM. We've used all the major databases and access layers like ADO.Net, ODBC, Entity Framework, and other ORMs. And we know remoting with COM, .Net, SOAP, REST, and JSON. Legacy C, C++, and TCP/IP systems are also no problem, *Nix or Windows.

Web App Development

Web App Development

Let us develop your new web site from the ground up, or take your existing one into new realms of support for your staff and customers. We can work on web applications using technologies from ISAPI to Node.js. We've done projects with ASP.Net, MVC, REST, Ruby on Rails, Telerik, DotNetNuke, WordPress, Prototype, JQuery, Backbone, Knockout, and Kendo.

Let us help you improve your processes and build better applications.
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